Medusa Medical Technologies by ESO | St John Ambulance Northern Territory (NT) joins Siren’s worldwide ePCR user community.
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St John Ambulance Northern Territory (NT) joins Siren’s worldwide ePCR user community.

St John Ambulance Northern Territory (NT) joins Siren’s worldwide ePCR user community.

20:26 01 March in Siren ePCR Suite

Australian Ambulance Service Provider, St John Ambulance Northern Territory (NT) Inc. (SJA NT), has signed a four-year hosted contract with Medusa Medical Technologies and Medusa’s Asia/Pacific distribution partner, Nautilus Health, to implement the Siren ePCR system and further support the delivery of ambulance services across the Northern Territory. Siren ePCR will replace SJA NT’s paper-based system and is expected to produce over 50,000 electronic patient care records each year.

By June 2013, St John Ambulance (NT) expects to have Siren ePCR fully deployed in 50 of its ground ambulances. More than 125 of SJA NT’s Paramedics and support staff will join over 12,500 Siren ePCR users from Ambulance Services across the US, Canada, the UK and Central Europe and Brazil, which collectively chart more than 5,000,000 Siren ePCR’s every year.

“Siren ePCR is built on a solid foundation of secure and proven technology and Medusa is keen to ensure Siren continues to develop in line with international best practices. Welcoming new customers from two new countries (Australia and Brazil) into our user community this year not only broadens our team’s ePCR knowledge and experience, it also provides Siren users with increased international networking and benchmarking opportunities that they may not have had before” said Ian Wilkinson, Director of International Operations with Medusa Medical Technologies.

“In addition to our own internal quality assurance team, our external QA team just grew from 12,500 to 12,625. You can’t beat that kind of quality assurance” adds Ian.

Peter Monks, Senior Paramedic and Project Manager with St John Ambulance (NT), anticipates a wide range of operational and clinical benefits from implementing Siren ePCR. For example, Siren’s ability to integrate with third-party CAD systems will help SJA NT satisfy mandatory reporting requirements with NT’s Department of Health. “Integrating Siren ePCR with our Intergraph CAD system and enabling over 135 CAD data items to be quickly imported into the ePCR, we will help support patient continuity of care and accelerate data entry for Paramedics providing patient care”, said Peter.

Dr. Will Reedy, President of Nautilus Health, is excited to have SJA NT as the first Siren ePCR customer in Australia. “SJA NT are an innovative Ambulance Service and have a clear vision of how they want to deliver pre-hospital emergency care services in the future and Siren ePCR will help them achieve it. The fact that we can provide a fully hosted ePCR system allows SJA NT to concentrate on their core business while we take care of their ePCR system IT responsibilities. We look forward to developing our partnership with SJA NT and welcome them into the Siren ePCR user community” said Will.

About Siren
Whether you are a Paramedic at the first point of contact with a patient, an Emergency Doctor at a receiving facility, or an Operations Manager at the Ambulance Service, we recognize that having access to accurate, timely patient information is key to ensuring you make the best decisions possible. Siren’s ‘chart once and share’ approach helps ensure important patient information is available when you need it most.

About Medusa Medical Technologies
Medusa is focused on providing an electronic patient care reporting system that can be easily adapted for use around the world. We revolutionized electronic patient care reporting back in the late 1990s; while other companies were focused on recreating paper forms electronically, we were pioneering the “easy-to-use, big button touch screen interface. This concept is now adopted by the industry and has been copied by almost every ePCR system.
Today, with millions of ePCRs being charted by thousands of Siren users each year, we are continuously looking for ways to simplify charting and expanding data availability.

About Nautilus Health
Nautilus Health is a leading provider of eHealth Solutions and eHealth Consulting Services to healthcare organisations across the Asia-Pacific Region. We help healthcare organisations achieve sustainable transformation with eHealth to deliver improved health outcomes. We have a team of people with healthcare backgrounds that combine the experience from working on all types of eHealth initiatives with a passion for the role of information technology in improving health outcomes. For more information, visit

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