Medusa Medical Technologies by ESO | Siren Field Editor | electronic health record configuration tool
Siren Field Editor is a configuration tool for the Siren ePCR Suite products.
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Siren Field Editor




Siren Field Editor

Siren Field Editor is a configuration tool for the Siren ePCR Suite products. Administrative users can change configurable information within the product to best suit specific needs. Information that can change includes hospital lists, physician lists, chief complaints, chief complaint filters, and various button captions within Siren Field User, as well as Siren Workflow’s operational processes.


Highlighted Features

Individualized configuration

Manage your organization’s configuration and adapt Siren to fit changes to your common practices and send updates without tablet recall.

Manage your own reference data

Manage your available medication lists, station information, receiving facilities etc.

Collect temporary information

Make temporary changes for a research studies or surveys.

Change your workflow processes

Manage how your Siren Workflow processes patient care reports through the batch view and set export action properties, user groups, user roles, user group states, and user privileges.