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Siren Field User




Siren Field User

Siren Field User is the front-end data capture application in Siren ePCR Suite and is designed with the end user in mind. Field User’s big button design provides a consistent and professional user experience that makes all aspects of data entry finger-friendly.  Visual cues reduce charting times, and visual feedback assists with complete and accurate documentation.

Field User transmits patient records in real-time for immediate access both within your organization and by outside agencies, such as receiving destinations and national reporting repositories. Clinical staff have access to a set of tools to support and improve the quality of their decision making regarding patient treatment and transport. Data from multiple sources (CAD, defibrillator/monitor, patient record databases) can be automatically captured in Field User. Patient records can be transmitted to your organization and to other receiving facilities.


Highlighted Features

Seamless Connectivity

Chart while connected or disconnected environment with seamless, automatic syncing of queued data when connectivity is restored.

Configurable Closed Call Rules (Validations)

Siren’s configurable validations ensure compliance to documentation, operational, and clinical standards. Rules can be applied to ANY data element in Siren. Rules can be configured with three compliance options, Hard Stop, Required and Warning.

Validation Hyperlinking

Siren’s hyperlinking of validations allows a user to quickly complete their ePCR by entering just the required information defined by your organization.

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Integration

The Siren CAD interface allows you to integrate Siren with your computer aided dispatch system (CAD) using open standards. Siren currently integrates with leading CAD vendors.

Defibrillator/monitor import

Import and integrate data captured on defibrillators/monitors into ePCRs. Siren currently integrates with:

  • Physio-Control LIFEPAK®12
  • Physio-Control LIFEPAK®15
  • Physio-Control LIFEPAK®1000
  • ZOLL E Series®
  • ZOLL M Series®
  • ZOLL X Series®
  • Philips HeartStart MRx
  • corpuls3
Safeguarding Communication

A secure and confidential notification system for medics to report cases of abuse, neglect, etc through Siren ePCR in real time to your organization’s safeguarding team. For confidentiality, details of the report are not attached to the ePCR as the observation may not pertain to the patient contact, e.g. Neighbor, Child, etc.

Patient Lookups

Quickly create a record by retrieving patient data from a patient’s recent ePCRs. The MedicAlert Patient Lookup add-on gives paramedics immediate access to a patient’s MedicAlert electronic record while providing care to patients.

Coroner Notifcation

Notify coroners in the event of a VSA incident. A customized report can be emailed to a coroners office.

Community Paramedicine

Build forms and questionnaires to meet the needs of your Community Paramedicine Programs and other community based healthcare initiatives, e.g. FALLS Risk Assessment, Mental Heath questionnaires.

Card swipe, barcode, and QR code scanning

Automatically capture data from swipe cards, barcodes, and QR codes.

Email, Print or Fax Records

Print, fax, or email records to the receiving location or other care providers.

Remotely Manage Siren Updates

Updates to Siren ePCR Applications and Configuration can be sent remotely to Field User devices by the central server.