Medusa Medical Technologies by ESO | Products | Siren ePCR Suite provides integrated mobile health records and full ePCR documentation
Siren ePCR Suite is an integrated prehospital documentation system.
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CHART with Siren Field User

Capture clinically rich and accurate ePCR data in real-time.

Field User is designed for the mobile healthcare clinician to capture patient care information when and where needed. The workflow design of Field User is simple and follows the logic flow that clinicians are trained to assess and treat their patients. Learn more.

For our latest Field User Brochure Click Here.

Comprehensive mobile electronic patient care reporting for EMS


Direct access to your protocols


Print, fax or email report directly to other healthcare professionals

Minimize data entry time. Maximize data quality

Consistent, intuitive navigation

Document with or without network connectivity

SHARE with Siren Notification Board

 Prepare for inbound patients before they arrive. In real-time.

Siren Notification Board is a web-based solution that alerts each receiving location in real-time of incoming patients. Configurable layouts and colour coding options provide visual indication of condition and/or priority for inbound patients. Learn more.


For our latest Siren Notification Board Brochure Click Here.

SNB on Monitor

Hosted by a hospital or EMS organization

Real-time and historical access to full ePCRs and attachments

Share information with specialty care teams

Easy web configuration for each receiving location

MANAGE with Siren Web Administration

Manage users, assign tasks, and optimize organizational performance with this powerful ePCR repository.

The Siren Web Administration interface has a host of features to help maximize organizational efficiency including workflow tasks, pre-configured reports, multiple ePCR search and viewing options, and third-party exporting to billing and regulatory authorities. Administrators can manage Field User communication, as well as access to your organization’s workflow ensuring workstation PC users, including hospital web viewers, billing, and QA, have access to the right information at the right time. Learn more.

Search for historical records

Edit non-clinical data

Batch exports for billing or regulatory reporting

Transfer records back for correction

ANALYZE with Siren Data Analytics

Perform detailed analysis on your data using powerful and interactive reports, dashboards, and scorecards.

Research, observe trends, view statistics, improve overall organizational performance, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.  Access the most complete and accurate meaningful data on demand. Learn more.

CONFIGURE with Siren Field Editor

Customize your organization’s Field User and Workflow UI using this powerful configuration tool.

Siren Field User and Siren Workflow are available out-of-the-box; however, you can also customize your configuration to support your specific operational and clinical needs. Learn more.

Manage your own configuration changes

Configure waivers

Add clinical coding to fields (ICD10, SNOMED CT)

Edit medication lists