Medusa Medical Technologies by ESO | Siren Workflow | Electronic medical records management software
Siren Workflow is the administrative “back-end” and central repository for Siren ePCR Suite.
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Siren Web Admin




Siren Web Administration

Siren Web Administration is the central repository for ePCRs, Siren Web Admin keeps track of all of the ePCRs within your organization’s configurable workflow, such as QA review, Auditing and Billing, as well as long term storage for further data analysis.

The Siren Web Administration Interface also provides access to Role-based user management, access rights and device licensing, as well as System health indicators such as fax and data export status logs.

Highlighted Features

User management

Manage demographic data, certifications, assigned roles, and system access.

Configurable User Roles

Users can be assigned to configurable roles which define their levels of access and available functionality.

Administrative functions

Administrators can manage users, Field User device connectivity and licensing, Third Party Export Status and more.

Audit history

An audit record is kept for each ePCR including data such as record assignment, and edit history.

ePCR Batch View

Batch View displays a top level summary view of ePCRs within your customized workflow.


ePCR data can be exported to third party regulatory, billing and other systems using file based (XML, CSV, XLS, etc) or through custom integration.

Search for historical ePCRs

Search through thousands of ePCRs by selecting any combination of over 20 search criteria. Search using one field or multiple search criteria to make finding a single report easy.


Siren Web Administration functions are browser based.