Medusa Medical Technologies by ESO | La Rioja, Spain deploys Siren ePCR Suite
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La Rioja, Spain deploys Siren ePCR Suite

La Rioja, Spain deploys Siren ePCR Suite

20:19 15 January in Siren ePCR Suite

Jose Ignacio Nieto, La Rioja’s Minister of Health and Social Sciences, announced recently that La Rioja, Spain is live with its first Siren deployment.

Medusa Medical Technologies’ Siren electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) solution is currently being deployed in a phased approach to critical care agencies in the cities of Rioja Alta, Rioja Media, and Rioja Baja. It is anticipated that the phased rollouts to the cities will be completed by end of year.

Described by Nieto as a “pioneering” system for Spain, Siren allows these advanced life support units to assess a patient’s medical history at the site of an emergency. Nieto says, “When we receive a 911 call now, the ALS/critical care team is instantly provided with details of the incident, including the patient’s location and identification. This avoids manual registration and communication problems that, until now, could happen”.

The physicians and nurses in the ALS units now have access to real time, potentially life-saving information that they can use to help treat and stabilize critically ill patients in the field, and while en route. Accessing and sharing this patient information real-time with the emergency services hospital or the intensive care units means receiving facilities can now view the status of the patients in real-time as they are being treated. This ultimately leads to increased continuity of patient care and better clinical decision-making.

Nieto explained, “The ability to share patient health information in the same place where an emergency takes place is a momentous leap in attention to health emergency in La Rioja, and it’s the first region to implement this new system. Siren will help emergency health services provide better care to patients.”

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