Medusa Medical Technologies | Siren Data Analytics | e-Health reporting, dashboards and operational analysis
Siren Data Analytics uses IBM Cognos Business Intelligence tools to access and interpret patient data to evaluate care provided and improve care compliance.
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Siren Data Analytics

Event alerts.


Meaningful data.

Siren Data Analytics

Siren Data Analytics (Siren DA) provides the necessary tools to explore, measure, analyze, and report on critical aspects of collected patient and operational data. Siren DA uses IBM Cognos business intelligence tools to access and interpret patient data to evaluate care provided and improve care compliance.

Siren DA includes over 200 Medusa-authored reports and a growing list of community reports that are voluntarily shared between Siren customers. Having access to a standard ambulance service reporting tool allows our customers to compare data and benchmark their performance with other related or non-related organizations.

Highlighted Features

Ad-hoc reporting

Quickly create flexible reports on the fly.

Advanced report authoring

Create and share advanced reports with other members of your organization in formats such as list, crosstab, charts, chart and list, and interactive (drill-through) reports.

Event driven reports

Schedule or specify criteria for event driven reports, send reports and automatic notifications of reports via email, or print, or upload reports onto a network drive.

DA support

Access to our Business Intelligence experts for 2-hours per month of report writing support.

Interactive dashboards

Create and share dashboards with your entire staff. Combine multiple reports into one dashboard on your workspace.

Compelling research

Create and share dashboards with your entire staff. For example, some of our customers use a Paramedic Report Card report that is distributed to each paramedic at the end of each month. You could share their report template to deliver a report card to your paramedics too.

Device and language agnostic

Access Siren DA using the IBM Cognos mobile applications (iOS and Android) and using most browsers. Detected browser language settings determine which language your interface appears in for each user.

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