Medusa Medical Technologies | Partners
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Computer Sciences Corporation

CSC is a global provider of next-generation technology solutions serving public and private sector healthcare clients in the provider, payer and life sciences markets.

Solutions Informatique Logicware

Logicware specializes in designing and integrating enterprise solutions for its clients. Logicware provides high performance solutions that are easy to use. They are robust and secure, adapt and evolve with new innovations, and help optimize business processes. Logicware is Medusa’s French language partner in Quebec and is an official reseller, implementation, and support partner.

Nautilus Health

Nautilus Health is a leading provider of eHealth Solutions and eHealth Consulting Services to healthcare organisations across the Asia-Pacific Region. Nautilus Health helps healthcare organisations achieve sustainable transformation with eHealth to deliver improved health outcomes. Nautilus Health is the official distribution and implementation partner for Siren ePCR Suite in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia-Pacific region.

The Patient Safety Company

The Patient Safety Company delivers an important contribution to the safety & quality of healthcare by making refreshing and innovative technology available to any kind of healthcare organization