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Medusa is focused on providing an electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) solution that customers are easily adapting for global use.
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About Medusa Medical Technologies

Medusa is focused on providing an electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) solution that customers are easily adapting for global use. With millions of ePCRs being charted by thousands of Siren users in different languages each year, we are continuously looking for ways to simplify charting and expand data availability. Our goal is to provide pre-hospital ePCR systems for use across the world, gathering best practices from clinicians and the IT industry to ensure that our suite of products remains the solution of choice for forward-thinking EMS agencies.

Our offices are strategically located internationally to accommodate our global presence. Our head office is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada with satellite offices in the United Kingdom, and British Columbia, Canada. We also have distribution partners in Brazil, Italy, Finland, Germany, Mexico, Chile, Australia, Puerto Rico, and New Zealand.

Unparalleled Experience

Medusa has over 18 years of ePCR experience working with ambulance services from across the world to replace paper-based and electronic systems. Our team works side by side with you to ensure your transition to ePCR is smooth and your ePCR objectives are fully achieved.

Our clinical team has a wealth of experience working in EMS as EMTs, advanced care paramedics, paramedic trainers, paramedic supervisors, and mass casualty planners. Our multi-disciplined deployment teams work with your project team to plan your conversion from paper or from another ePCR system. With experienced clinicians and technologists on staff, our teams have a wealth of experience working in pre-hospital care, and are subject matter experts in current technologies and best industry practices. We support our product and development teams in professional development activities that directly target emerging technologies for use in our solutions.

Entrenched in Innovation

Innovating is at the core of what we do. For many years, we have also been rooted in Community Health Paramedicine (or “mobile integrated healthcare”). We have partnered with our global customers to develop features within Siren that are specific to this quickly evolving area of pre-hospital medicine. Organizations like the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, Emergency Health Services in Nova Scotia, York EMS in Ontario, and Alberta Health Services are all leveraging Siren for community medicine/mobile integrated healthcare. Customers use Siren with patient referral systems, clinical decision support systems, and case documentation.

We have also established integrated partnerships with billing, dispatch, defibrillators/monitors, records management, hardware, and government reporting solutions. And we further integrate Siren with Health Information Exchanges (HIE) such as the Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC), MedicAlert (Nova Scotia), and Summary Care Records (United Kingdom).

Our employees keep on top of new developments in enterprise information technology to determine how best to integrate them with our solution deliveries (e.g. extensive use of virtualization infrastructure in both development and deployment scenarios, research and testing of new ruggedized hardware products suitable for field use, and developing new industry product using HTML5).

In keeping with this strength of utilizing emerging technologies for innovation, in June 2013 Medusa was awarded CAD$2.6m from the Atlantic Canada Innovation Fund. The funding forms part of a CAD$3.5m project to develop our next generation electronic patient care reporting solution. Scoping and defining this project is well underway. We are engaging users from customer sites across the globe to ensure that we keep both the user experience and most current technologies in our product roadmap.

Our Customers

We have thousands of Siren users across the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. Our customers are our partners and we are committed to continual product development and partnership working with our users to help ensure our products assist the clinician to do their job, maintains patient information security, makes accurate clinical and operational information available in real time and provides accurate and easy to manage clinical data for research or quality improvement.

Tradeshows, user groups & webinars

We attend tradeshows globally throughout the year. We additionally host two annual Siren User Groups in Canada and the United Kingdom, as well as several webinars throughout the year.

These forums allow us to meet and stay in touch with our international customer base, to share best practices, and to get input for future releases and implementations. We utilise our User Groups extensively to help ensure we stay ahead of the developing needs of Ambulance Services and pre-hospital patient care reporting with a key goal to ensure any developments have a clear benefit to our users.