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EMAS announces significant investment in ambulance patient care technology with Siren ePCR

09:24 21 March in Siren ePCR Suite

Home>News>Latest news>2017 News>Significant investment in ambulance patient care technology Significant investment in ambulance patient care technology East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) will invest more than £3 million to enhance its electronic patient record system during the next two years. “This significant investment will help us to improve the...

Insights from SEMSA

11:13 26 May in Siren ePCR Suite

We were excited to once again exhibit at the Saskatchewan Emergency Medical Services Association (SEMSA) 2016 conference last week in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. There were some interesting sessions, including a discussion from AHS’s Nick Thain, on a leadership competency framework for EMS professionals interested in...

La Rioja, Spain deploys Siren ePCR Suite

20:19 15 January in Siren ePCR Suite

Jose Ignacio Nieto, La Rioja’s Minister of Health and Social Sciences, announced recently that La Rioja, Spain is live with its first Siren deployment. Medusa Medical Technologies’ Siren electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) solution is currently being deployed in a phased approach to critical care agencies...