Medusa Medical Technologies by ESO | Medusa Medical Technologies acquires Boston-based ePCR Company
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Medusa Medical Technologies acquires Boston-based ePCR Company

Medusa Medical Technologies acquires Boston-based ePCR Company

16:20 02 October in Siren ePCR Suite

During their annual Siren User Group being held in Halifax, Nova Scotia this week, Medusa Medical Chairman & CEO Glen Dexter, announced the acquisition of Boston-based ePCR company, WebMedicPro.

“Combining companies is a great next step in our ongoing efforts to better serve our customers by offering a wider range of products and services. We are very excited about this”, says Dexter.

“More importantly, this partnership is allowing us to expand our customer base,” comments Dexter. “We are combining our technological strengths with the desire to offer a range of solutions to the EMS market”.

Dexter also notes that WebMedicPro’s device agnostic WMP5 product complements Medusa’s core product, Siren ePCR. “We have a really good product offering aimed at ambulance operations that might find it hard to technically maintain their fully operational system”.

WMP5 is also NEMSIS 3.3.4 compliant. Earl Gray IV, President & CTO of WebMedicPro remarked, “The architecture of the WMP5 software has been uniquely developed so that deployed systems can dynamically keep up to date with new versions of NEMSIS as they become available.  More importantly, as a State comes online with version 3, the dynamic and adaptable nature of the WMP5 solution drastically reduces adoption time. It allows us to quickly implement and keep current with future versions and also enables us to implement new clients on a rapid scale”.

For now, Medusa’s immediate focus is on integrating the two businesses and establishing a strong organizational structure. Says Dexter, “This will take a bit of time to bring the two products together, but we’re excited to be strengthening our technology offerings to the EMS industry.  We look forward to working with the WebMedicPro team to create additional value for all our current and future customers across the globe.

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