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Medusa’s management team guides our strategic direction.
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Glen V. Dexter
Chairman & CEO

Glen V. Dexter is Chairman and CEO of Medusa Medical Technologies Inc. A  graduate of Dalhousie University, Glen holds degrees in Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Science, as well as a Master of Mathematics from Waterloo University. Glen practised corporate law for 15 years with Stewart McKelvey Stirling Scales. Glen, along with his partners, also founded what is now the largest sail manufacturing firm in Nova Scotia.

Glen is a member of Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society, the Canadian Barristers’ Society, a director and member of the executive of Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation, and a director of the Halifax Region United Way.

Ian Wilkinson
Vice President, International Operations

Ian oversees Medusa’s global sales activities. He provides an immediate level of management support to our partners and clients, including the Local Service Providers responsible for implementing Siren as a part of the National Programme for IT in England. Ian and our team of business development managers assess new markets and establish distribution partner relationships around the globe. Ian has over 18 years of extensive pre-hospital care experience both as a practitioner and as a manager. He has directed a number of high-profile projects with Strategic Health Authorities and the UK Department of Health, and is a UK state registered paramedic and a qualified paramedic instructor.

Brent Townsend
Vice President, Business Development (North America)

Brent is responsible North American Business Development at Medusa. His focus is to ensure that our existing customers get the most value possible from the Siren ePCR Suite, as well, Brent works with our North American sales team to develop new business opportunities.   He has a bachelor’s degree and speaks both English and French. Brent has over 20 years experience in delivering information technology to a broad spectrum of clients including EMS, pharmaceutical and retail.  His motivation is helping customers achieve true ROI for the Siren ePCR system and is dedicated to serving the needs of Medusa’s customers across North America.

Craig Fraser
Vice President, Product Management

Craig runs our Solution Delivery, Product Management, and Customer Service departments. He has over 18 years of experience of managing teams to deliver small and large-scale international IT projects. Craig has overseen the deployment of Siren in thousands of ambulances in numerous ambulance agencies worldwide. Craig’s teams work closely with our internal clinicians, billing experts, software engineers, customers, and our technology partners to properly define and develop our product offering. His business analysts, project managers, and implementation architects guide your team throughout the project lifecycle.

Dan MacDonald
Vice President, Product Development

Dan leads our Development, Quality Assurance (QA) and Systems teams. Under his leadership, Dan’s solid team of development architects, engineers, developers, and quality assurance professionals develop new features, test the quality of the suite of applications that comprise Siren ePCR, and ensure the security and stability in our product.

Dan’s Systems team manages the Medusa enterprise solutions as well as our Siren managed server offerings to customers.  Dan has over 20 years of extensive leadership experience in managing growing teams, implementing product delivery processes, increasing productivity, and developing enterprise applications. Dan holds three university degrees including a Bachelor Arts, a Bachelor of Computer Science and a Masters of Business Administration.

Laura Quartermain
Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer with over 20 years of management and finance experience, Laura oversees the finances of the business. Prior to working with Medusa, Laura spent over 13 years with Ernst & Young’s Toronto Entrepreneurial Services office assisting companies in the technology sector. Laura holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nova Scotia and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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