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Medusa Medical is an e-health software company responsible for Siren ePCR Suite.
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Real-time electronic

patient care reporting

Siren4-symbol-only-transparent---Copy The Power of Siren

With its extensive, uncomplicated, customizable functionality, our Siren Suite of solutions features rapid data entry capabilities, real-time alerting, robust workflow tools, and powerful analytics that help improve processes and optimize organizational performance. Products in Siren ePCR Suite include Siren Field User, Siren Workflow, Siren Data Analytics, Siren Notification Board, and Siren Field Editor.  Learn more.

professional-services Professional Services

When selecting an ePCR solution, there are many decisions for a buyer: Do we need an enterprise solution or a hosted environment? Are we converting from paper or from another ePCR system? Whether your focus is on reducing costs, improving operational efficiencies, exceeding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), or improving clinical data capture, we have a solution that’s right for you. Learn more.

newsworthy  News

EMAS announces significant investment in ambulance Patient Care technology with Siren ePCR – East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) will invest more than £3 million to enhance its electronic patient record system during the next two years. “This significant investment will help us to improve the care and treatment received by patients across the East Midlands,” said Steve Bowyer, EMAS Head of Information, Management and Technology.The system will be used by EMAS ambulance crews across the region, bringing many benefits. Learn more.

After a month long testing period, we knew Siren was the right solution for us. It's going to allow us to easily transition from paper and to better examine our clinical treatments.

John Paladino, Vice President, Alpha Star Air Ambulance, Saudi Arabia

If you can read and push a button, you can use Siren. It's just that simple.

Tom Arkins, CQI Coordinator, Indianapolis EMS, USA

Siren's easy to use interface and integration to our CAD system accelerates data entry for paramedics providing patient care.

Peter Monks, Senior Paramedic and ePCR Project Manager, Northern Territory, Australia

The ability to share patient health information in the same place where an emergency takes place is a momentous leap in attention to health emergency in La Rioja.

Jose Ignacio Nieto, Minister of Health and Social Sciences, La Rioja, Spain

We had strong planning, a predictable deployment methodology, and dedicated and knowledgeable teams. This allowed us to actually deliver our project on time and under budget.

Christine Carmichael, Project Manager, AHS, Alberta, Canada


Rapid Data Entry

Interactive Dashboards

Real-Time Alerting

lightbulb_innovation Unparalleled Experience

We’re always innovating. It’s at the core of what we do. But in order to innovate, we needed to truly understand the EMS needs. We learned early on that each project is unique and yields different features and lessons which in turn feeds and fuels our approach to innovation. This experience has allowed us to focus on ways to connect the EMS industry with overall healthcare solutions, and to provide flexible, integrated healthcare systems for better patient outcomes.  Learn more.

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